Meet our 2018 AWARD WINNERS


Amanda Woodall

"She portrays all of the important skills required for an amazing leader. She leads by example, demonstrates integrity, communicates effectively, makes hard decisions, recognizes success, empowers others, motivates and inspires. She has been leading her team to an accreditation, and she has guided them through the process. She expects quality care and 
she provides it. 
If her team ever needs direction, they look to her for guidance. 
She has no tolerance for immoral behavior and makes sure her team does what is right for their patients. Her integrity is the rock of her department. 
She says thank you. Good job. 
Job well done. She recognizes her team’s difficulties, empathizes with them and cheers them on! She is very knowledgeable in the nursing field and the home health industry. She has a huge heart, cares for her patients and truly wants the best for them. She makes her team laugh, encourages them, and understands their hardships!


Sherry Thomas

"This individual is a registered nurse with a master’s degree in public health from UNC-Chapel Hill. Her nursing career spans over thirty years, but her commitment to her constituents and compassion for her fellow man spans a lifetime. Having delivered direct patient care in the home for many years in a public and hospital based setting, she has acquired a vast knowledge of the state and federal home care regulations, both legislative and clinical. Through the 1980’s, she grew from a VA staff nurse to a public Health Nurse Supervisor to the Director of Nursing for a hospital based home health agency. In 1993 she was named Director of Clinical and Regulatory Services for the North Carolina Association for Home Care (now Association for Home & Hospice Care of North Carolina). She met each and every challenge with vigor, enthusiasm, strong member service and a command for the new regulatory environment. She was a part of the association as it grew from 400 member agencies to now almost 800, and advocated for her members’ best interests and ultimately for the best interest of the home care patient. She always made members feel relaxed and assured them that help was just a phone call away. Going the extra mile is something we have come to expect from her. She continuously intervened on behalf of the entire North Carolina home care industry, advocating for and ensuring that the home care industry was treated as fairly as others. 
During her time at the Association, she advocated daily for the advancement of our industry by communicating her knowledge and life’s lessons with intelligence, honesty, ethics, fairness, and integrity. Her personality is comforting and pleasant; in fact everyone who comes in contact with her walks away with a sense of calm and reassurance as if they just made a new friend. She ended her career at the Association as Senior Executive Vice President this past summer. She has been more than an adviser or mentor to the Association’s staff, its members, and her peers. She is a friend and an angel on Earth. Our entire industry is better because of the instrumental role she has had over the past 30 plus years."




Margaret Weaver

"She has been volunteering at the Center for Volunteer Caregiving for over five years, and is a registered nurse, musician, and devoted grandmother. She is our star assessor, and has brought many care receivers into our service with her careful, thorough, insightful in-home assessments. Her expertise moved us to ask that she train other assessors, which she graciously agreed to do. Prior to volunteering with The Center, she worked for many years as a home health nurse, specializing in wound care. 
Through this experience, she is familiar with clients of all ages and life situations, including people living with dementia. 
Her reputation as a nurse was that she would go above and beyond to meet her clients’ needs. We found that true with her volunteering as well! 
She regularly asks clients to consider solutions to their needs that they may not have considered before, inspiring them to think creatively about their options. Her love of music inspires her to play piano at a local apartment building for older adults. She organized a choir in an independent senior community, and she shares music because she knows how it enriches a life. She has two care receivers for whom she does grocery shopping on bi-monthly basis, she works part-time, and she regularly participates in her two teenage grandsons’ school activities. She is an outstanding volunteer because of her knowledge, understanding, professionalism and willingness to serve in many capacities.


Alignment Healthcare

"This organization became the Humana guarantor for Wake County residents in 2018. In this new role as both a healthcare provider and insurer, they have adopted a patient-centric approach of delivering care at home, as well as in the office setting. Additionally, they identified those patients that may need care in unconventional ways. They implemented the jump start assessment program and in partnership with Well Care Health they utilized a home care team to conduct initial patient assessments to identify the needs of their patients. This innovative and forward thinking approach enabled the providers to address concerns proactively and eliminate and/or reduce the number of ER visits and hospital admissions. This also resulted in decreased healthcare costs for both the patient and insurer. This practice is very community oriented and they also volunteered to help the homeless. I have the utmost respect and admiration for the entire team in their care of Wake County residents."

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